Emergency Housing for Family of 6

Campaign Created by: Barbara Hemphill

The funds from this campaign will be received by Kevin White.

Goal: USD $50,000
Raised: USD $ 8,146

In the 1970s, I lived a few years in India with my first husband, where we adopted three children who now live in the US, so I have had a heart for India for decades.

In March 2020, I commented on social media about wanting others to feel the love of Jesus through me, whether I ever mentioned His name. As a result, Leivon Canary Kom (whom I call "Canary") reached out to me from India to say that he felt God was calling him to be a pastor. He didn't say that he, his beautiful wife, and three beautiful boys were on the edge of starvation. It was the height of Covid, and Alfred and I could not send them anything -- not even money. However, I continued to talk to Canary and his family every day, learning more about their situation. 

They were living in a friend's house (we wouldn't even call it a house in America) in a very remote area near Burma. Eventually, Alfred and I could get them the funds for daily living, which we continue to do. Canary and I began exploring how he could become the pastor God called him to be. Through research, I discovered a fantastic organization called Mission India. They could get Bibles to Canary and his father, who began sharing them with neighbors. Canary and I started dreaming about building Shepherd's House Ministry in his hometown, where his family could live. In addition, we could create programs to teach entrepreneurship based on Biblical principles and share the Gospel.

Through more research, I discovered another organization 30 minutes from where I live, called Global Hope India, founded by Kevin White. They graciously agreed to take our project under their wing. Through more miracles than I will write here and the financial support of family and friends, we got the legal right to one acre of land. In addition, we built a road to the property and cleared the space for a building.

The next step was to get water so we could build their home. That dream is now a reality! It's the first bore well in the community, so people are coming for miles (kilometers!) to see it, and Canary can share that this well is a blessing of his God! It's 350 feet deep. The water now is dirty, but the well driller assures us it will be cleaner in a month -- and we can already see improvement!

Our next project is to build the facility we call Shepherd's House Ministry. It has become VERY urgent because the family who owns the house where they live now wants them to leave. If you will help, Canary and his family would be so blessed and thankful.

Any donation will help — and all donations are tax deductible! Remember the Biblical story of the loaves and the fishes? God is in the business of multiplication.


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August 11, 2022
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God's blessings are flowing!
May 31, 2022
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The well drillers said that it would take a month for the water from the well to become clear.  It has only been 4 days and the water is dramatically cleaner! 


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