Shafi was my interpreter in Afghanistan for nearly a decade. He risked his own life to save mine and my colleagues on a daily basis as we combatted extremism. Because of his role with us his family was attacked and killed over one year ago, and since Afghanistan fell he has been hunted by the enemy even more.
By the grace of God we were able to secure him safe passage out of Afghanistan and to America where he is being processed. While I plan to work to get him a job, he came with only the clothes on his back and will need funds to get started with his new life here in America. This includes help with legal assistance for SIV processing, lodging, clothes, transportation, food, a phone and so much more.
I cannot thank you enough for your support, regardless of the commitment. It will go a long way in helping him get settled here in America, something I can assure you with witnessing him in over 30 deployments to Afghanistan, he has earned.