Seth Mohorn Memorial Fund 

Seth was a believer in people. He believed if given the opportunity people could be the best version of themselves. He began his career teaching at the High School level before moving on to working with youth and adults through Dale Carnegie Training. He encouraged youth to set goals for themselves in personal and professional future endeavors. He was a firm believer that the Dale Carnegie Course was for everyone, especially our youth. The funds raised will be put into a Memorial Fund to help scholarship youth into the Dale Carnegie Course upon need. Here are words from Seth’s acceptance speech at the Dale Carnegie Convention in NYC, 2022.

“I believe this company is on the precipice of doing even greater things. We help others be who they want to be, not what we want them to be. Focus on the people, not the money.” - Seth Mohorn

Thank you for contributing to this cause in helping our youth be who they want to be and continuing Seth’s legacy for years to come.