For over 10 years I have helped people achieve their political freedom from the Satanic New World Order's sophisticated trap referred to as "The Matrix."  I have the 'key' to "The Matrix."  Without asking for compensation I have helped thousands or more understand their situation and execute a legal and lawful remedy to regain their God Given Rights from a Satanic federal government.  With the exception of private consultations I have never asked anyone for anyt type of payment or compensation.
     The point has been reached where I need to seek financial assistance from those who wish to support and actively assist in our continuing efforts to free those with 'eyes to see and ears to hear."   
      Any financial help you can offer is greatly apprecaited and will be used exclusively in furthering our efforts and  golas of total freedom from the New World Order's system of 'voluntary servitude' for those seeking to easily achieve seperation from "The Beast of Revelation."