We are rallying support for Holden Armenta, a 9-year-old Kansas City Chiefs fan, who has been wrongfully accused of "blackface" for dressing up as a Native American during a game. Holden and his father, Bubba, joined "Jesse Watters Primetime" to set the record straight - they are members of the Chumash tribe from California, and their intent was never to disrespect any Native Americans.

Despite the family's clarification, a sports reporter, Carron J. Phillips, persisted in labeling Holden's innocent gesture as an act of hatred. The accusations have caused significant distress to Holden and his family, tarnishing their reputation and leading to disrespectful comments worldwide.

We believe in supporting Holden's Superbowl dream to counteract the unjust treatment he received from the media. Our goal is to send Holden to the Superbowl, allowing him to experience the joy of being a dedicated Chiefs fan without the shadow of false accusations.

Funds Allocation:

Superbowl Tickets and Accommodations: Covering the expenses for Holden and his family to attend the Superbowl.

Travel Expenses: Ensuring a smooth journey for Holden and his family to the Superbowl venue.

Memorabilia and Fan Gear: Providing Holden with official Kansas City Chiefs memorabilia and fan gear for an unforgettable experience.

Professional Support: Consulting with professionals to handle the aftermath of the false accusations and mitigate any long-term impact on Holden and his family.

Your contribution will make a significant difference in turning this negative experience into a positive and memorable one for Holden. Let's stand together against baseless accusations and support the dreams of a young, innocent fan.