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Hey everyone!! I hope this message finds you well! I have some incredibly exciting news to share with you, and I'm reaching out to you because I believe you can play a significant role in making my dream come true.

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Arilyn Brozzo, I am 15 years old and I have been homeschooling since 2020. I'm in 9th grade and I recently received the amazing news that I've been accepted to join a Worldschooling Teen Retreat in Guanajuato, Mexico from March 25th to April 2nd through an organization called Project Worldschool. The retreat is organized for a small group of teens, and it's all about cultural immersion, exploration, community service and making lifelong connections with like-minded kids from around the world.

Since 2020, I've been homeschooled by my mom, and much of my learning has involved hands-on life experiences, road trip adventures and really diving in to my personal interests, even when they change like the wind! I appreciate how flexible my learning environment can be with my mom, however, this will be my first chance to go solo and meet other homeschooled teens with various background and from various countries, but with similar interests and lifestyles. The retreat takes in a maximum of 15 teens aged between 12 and 17, and I am so excited to be one of them!

During the 9-day retreat, we'll be sharing one big bay at a hostel in Guanajuato, Mexico, exploring the local area, immersing ourselves in the rich culture, and even having cooking lessons to savor the local cuisine - which I am especially excited about!! What's even more fulfilling is that we'll spend a day giving back to the community, contributing in our own small way.

The total investment for this trip, covering the retreat, airfare, and a chaperone (as I'll be traveling as an unaccompanied minor), is $3,500. I know this is a significant amount, which is why I'm reaching out to friends and family to ask for your support. I've been studying Spanish (as well as German, Japanese, Chinese and Korean) on my own using language apps on my phone, and I see this trip as an incredible opportunity to grow my independence and broaden my horizons. Learning about different geographical areas and their culture in books is one thing - going to those places and experiencing it first-hand is another altogether!

This journey is way outside of my comfort zone. If you know me, you know that my mom is my rock and I love traveling and just being with her. But I'm also getting older, and I'm excited about branching out a bit more independently with his trip - I know it will take courage but I also know that strength, and personal growth will undoubtedly follow. It's an introductory step for me to experience being (more) on my own, and if all goes well, I plan to pursue longer month-long retreats in the future to further expand my worldly experience.

Your support means the world to me, whether that's in the form of financial support or moral support, and I promise to keep you posted on my journey every step of the way. If you're able to contribute or share this with others who might be interested in supporting, it would be immensely appreciated.

Thank you so much for your interest in my journey, and for your love and support. Together, we can make this dream a reality!

Warmest Regards,

Arilyn Brozzo


Update #3 - 1 positive strep test and 15 hours to go!!
March 24, 2024
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Hello everyone!

This is Ariyn's mom. Quick update as Arilyn is getting all packed and ready to go. Two days ago she said her throat "felt weird" and yesterday she said she had a headache too. Of course I'm thinking...well this is perfect timing! I was also pretty sick a couple of weeks ago and I knew if she got what I had, it was going to be a rough trip, but I just wanted to get her seen before she left, just in case. Well it was a good thing I did because she tested positive for strep throat! Thankfully we caught it early before she started feeling too terrible, and she will be on her meds long enough to still be able tot make the trip. Talk about a close call!!

Speaking of close -- we are only $325 away from our goal and I'm extending my offer to provide FREE RESUME SERVICES ($595 value) to anyone who donates $50 or more and for anyone who donated $100 or more, I will throw in my Linked In Service as well :-).

Thank you for all the well-wishes and support! We really appreciate it! Arilyn and I will be heading down to Syracuse this evening because we have a 4am checking in the American since she will be flying as an unaccompanied minor. We will keep you posted!

Take care!

Update #2 - Plot Twist!
March 15, 2024
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Hello everyone!

My trip to Mexico is right around the corner (10 days to go) and I want to say thank you so much to everyone who has donated! I'm really excited to go, and yes I'm getting a little nervous too.

You might be wondering why I titled this update "Plot Twist." Well, I decided to go back to public school in fall for 10th grade. I love homeschooling and traveling, obviously, but it's honestly been a little hard to make local friends, so that is my main motivation for enrolling in the fall. I don't know if I will complete my high school career in public school, or if I'll decide to finish out through homeschool, but it's another thing I want to try.

My mom and I also found some exchange and immersion programs in Tokyo that really have my interest, so the sky is the limit!

Thank you again for your support and if can donate to get us to our goal in the next 10 days, thank you in advance!!!!


Update #1
February 13, 2024
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Hey everyone! Well, it's getting REAL! We locked in Arilyn's airline reservations for the trip today and arranged for an airline representative to be assigned to her to whole way there and whole way back during the flight portions of her trip. This was a little pricier than we originally anticipated, but only by around $100. Thank you to everyone who has donated so far!

We are 62% of the way to our goal! If you'd care to help us get that other 38% we'd be forever grateful :-). We really appreciate all of the love, support and encouragement we've received along the way. 

For those who think I might be nuts sending my daughter off to Mexico, believe me, I wonder that myself sometimes lol -- but rest assured, I have done my due diligence and the closer it gets, the more my confidence is bolstered by the amazing mentors that will be running this "first of a lifetime" opportunity. The are called Project Worldschool and it is an organization run by a woman Lainie Liberti and her son Miro. They have been running these retreats for 11 years now and until 2020 they were running 1 short retreat and 5 month-long retreats every year. Lainie is also teen mentor, coach and best-selling author of the book "Seen, Heard & Understood: Parenting & Partnering with Teens for Greater Mental Health." You can find her book on Amazon, and if you'd like to learn more about their organization, you can find there website here:

Thank you again and any amount helps! 

With love and appreciation,

Kimi (Arilyn's Mom :-)


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