Due to the Biden-Harris administration’s deliberate policy of opening the nation’s southern border, illegal immigrants are flooding into the country.

Millions of these law-breakers are now living in communities, often at taxpayers' expense, without local officials (city council members, law enforcement officials, etc.) being informed of their presence. This is in violation of several provisions of U.S. Code §1522. Authorization for programs for domestic resettlement of and assistance to refugees, especially those provisions related to local involvement in resettlement programs.

In Eau Claire and other communities in Wisconsin, all elected officials of local governments have been bypassed as resettlement programs take place. The Refugee Resettlement project they are trying implement in Eau Claire alone has a 100-mile impact zone. We are at a must-act moment across the state of Wisconsin.

Refugee resettlement will impact local communities in terms of taxation, social services such as healthcare and public safety, and education.

We are seeking your support for a united effort among patriot groups from around the state to fight back against the illegal settling of refugees or illegal immigrants in our communities.