Dear Fellow Christians and Patriots.

     My name is Sean David Watson.  On December 19th our President called on his supporters to rally in Washington D.C. on January 06, 2021 to protest the stolen election.  Being an Army veteran I took this as a direct order from the President.  Immediately I booked a hotel and flight to D.C. I arrived in D.C. the night of the 4th and attended the Stop The Steal rally on the 5th.  Afterwards hundreds of us marched to Black Lives Matter Plaza (formerly known as Lafayette Square) to protest against BLM and Antifa.  I was arrested during the protest for crossing a police line.  But that's not my reason for fundraising.
     The next day hundreds of thousands, if not one million went to the President's rally.  Towards the end of President Trump's speech, we Patriots marched towards the Capitol.  By the time we arrived at the Capitol the grounds were open and people were massing up against the Capitol.  The Capitol police threw flash bangs and tear gas grenades into the crowd followed by pepper spray and attacks with batons.  Do not believe the narrative you are being told by the media.  We patriots were not violent and did not destroy anything in the Capitol, we were attacked by the police. Perhaps there were some Antifa agitators masking as Trump supporters; howerer, they were the minority.  We peacefully marched and chanted and sang the National Anthem while in the Capitol.  When our President told us to stand down we all left the Capitol.

      My reason for fundraising is that now I am under FBI investigation,  I had one interview with them on the 20th of January, and on February 4th my house was raided during a search warrant.  I was held at gunpoint and cuffed in front of my house in full view of my neighbors and onlookers driving by. This experience was very traumatizing, humiliating and embarrassing.  These actions by the FBI are something you would expect towards a violent criminal, not towards someone who merely attended a protest.  Charges have not been brought yet but I am expecting to be arrested soon; I also fear that I may lose my job.  From what I understand most of the Capitol protestors are being given felony charges.  Living in a small rural town in West Texas lawyers are few and far between and I don't know how I will defend myself.  

     As a fellow Patriot and Veteran I am asking God and my fellow Patriots to help me with my defense. If charges are brought against me any money raised in excess of expenses related to my defense will be donated to various Christian charities. 

Thank you and God Bless you all.

Update:  As of 12 Feb 2021 I have been terminated from my job as a Medical Laboratory Scientist at Big Bend Regional Medical Center for my participation in the Capitol Protest.

Update:  April 26th 2021.  An arrest warrent was issued today.   I was not at home at the time and will turn myself in for arrest today.  

Update:  June 24 2021.  I had an arraingment today.  Now they have given me two new charges (both misdeameanors).  I put in a "Not Guilty" plea.  The next status hearing is for 31 August 2021. Update: There have been two status hearings, one on 05 November and 04 January 2022. The next hearing is for 17 February, with the judge expecting the prosecution to offer a plea. At this point I have started a small scale farm in my backyard and am selling vegetables and plants at our local farmers market.  Also I've landed a few landscaping jobs;  this is enough to pay my basic bills as Im not allowed to travel out of the local region to get a job in my career field as a laboratory scientist.  
Update: There have been two more status hearings, one on 05 November and 04 January 2022. The next hearing is scheduled for 17 February with the judge expecting the prosecution to offer a plea.