On Wednesday, December 27, 2023 Scott passed away in his sleep very unexpectedly.  He was beloved by so many and gave with all of his heart.  Unfortunately, as a creative person he was not well prepared for this and now his wife Debbie is not only devastated but also struggling to cover the costs of his final expenses.   

Scott was always ready with a kind word or a deep belly laugh. He was always there to help out a friend. With two doctorate degrees, he was one of the smartest people you ever met, but he was always down to earth. He was a Disney prince, Admiral Kirk, and The Doctor all rolled into one. We shall never see his like again.

The family is working with Debbie on the details for the funeral as well as a possible celebration of life in Florida.  In lieu of flowers or gifts, the family is requesting help to cover these expenses.  Please share this with those who knew Scott or would be interested in supporting Debbie as she grieves.