Hi Fellow Patriots,
As many of you know, All social media platforms and the main stream media have been shadow banning, shutting LoBaido's pages down and censoring his ART and Free Speech, like many of you fellow patriots!  For 30 years Scott LoBaido has been a voice, fighting with you and for you on so many issues, promoting and celebrating Old Glory, those who serve, and our great American way, using his art, heart, and passion.  Now it is time to tell the story of this restless man and his life's work. The good, the bad and the ugly that got him to where he is today, advocating as a giant voice for you, the American People, through the unusual suspect...Art.
Scott's director Chris Martini (yes that's his name, lol), friend and business strategist, Dan Caropreso, and Scott have been working feverishly the last year hustling to complete this American Story film but it is crunch time and funds are needed to put it all together and have it ready to debut this summer before the very important midterm elections.

Most of you know LoBaido for just the last few years through the news and social media, but there is a tremendous, intense, story with tons of stills and video footage of his esthetic career as the Artist, The Patriot, and The Pro-American Activist, that will surely blow your mind.
After 30 years, this story must be told.... NOW more than ever. This film will take you through the Artist's life from his true-American childhood, to his start in the arts, the Surreal period, his calling to Patriotism, his first creative protest, the most outrageous creative protests, his art for our Veterans, the effects of 9-11, the rise of the activist, the many arrests as the activist, the fifty state Flag painting tours across America, his passionate Patriotic canvas and sculpture art, his opinions on art, life, Patriotism and politics, and his conflict with the artworld, and so much more. This will be a wild ride film like no other.

How does this benefit you? This documentary will definitely fire up the patriotic passion in the American people and this film will give Scott the grand-scale stage he deserves to continue being your voice, as big tech and the media at large fight to erase us everyday!
Funds raised will help bring this historical film to fruition.

Funds will be used for:

- Color Correction 
- Audio Mix (Dolby Surround) 
- Stock Footage 
- Motion graphics 
- Music Composer 
- Rights and Clearances 
- Closed Captioning 
- Final 4K Prores Master and other network deliverables 
- Photo shoot for/and poster creation 
- Film Festival Submission Fees 
- Marketing and Publicity 
- Dedicated website for film 
- Creation of theatrical trailer 
- Travel expenses for theatrical and festival tour

Donors receive for a donation of:
$100............Movie poster "The Relentless Patriot" 12x16
$500.............LTD edition of only100, Signed and numbered Movie poster 16x20
$1,000.........One small original flag painting on canvas, signed, 12x16
$2,500.........One medium original flag painting, 18x24
$5,000.........One large original flag painting, 24x36 and an invitation to the premier (in East Coast (2 tickets) + meet with Scott).
$10,000......One large original signed flag painting plus producer credits in the film, Dinner with Scott (NYC /Tri-State Area) and Invitation to Premier (4 Tickets) in East Coast + meet with Scott).
$30,000..... Scott's Hand painted truck.  This 2009 Chevy Suburban traveled to every 48 continental states during Scott's 3rd fifty state tour in 2015, painting Flags across America.  This is a little piece of American History.  2009 Chevy Suburban. Lots of Miles! Runs good.
Needs some work and TLC.  As is. Has a bit more wear and tear than the picture here.  It is more of a collectors item..

***To Volunteer Services/Resources, please email:  PatrioticArtist@gmail.com***

Just a few samples of the stories in the documentary 'The Relentless Patriot"

Flags across America tour

Powerful Art installations and sculptures

The Activism, the many nights in jail cells

Flag art in disaster effected communities

Memorial tributes to our fallen heroes

Rallying the angry citizens

Fighting over the top cancel culture
Yes, that is Scott dressed as a Christmas tree.

His dedication to our Veterans

Devotion to the less fortunate.
Art installation to raise awareness for Autism

The activism

Using art to teach love for country to our youth

The biggest challenges.
Go big or go home.

The paintings

and so much more
A message from Scott LoBaido:
Dear friends and Patriots,
It is with great love and appreciation that I thank you for all of your support throughout the last 30 years, but now it is time for my work and my voice to hit the big stage. Why? Not for fame and fortune, I passed that up long ago, but I ask for your help in making this American Story flow through the hills of Patriotic America. I am your voice all these years, but due to a new generation of censorship and cancel culture, the only way for me to get OUR message heard wide and far, is that this film must be a success. My only goal in life is to be the voice for the voiceless and the voice for the great American way of life that we are rapidly losing. This film will put me on the bigger stage where my Art, message, and voice cannot be defeated.

I thank you all for your support.
Thank you,
God Bless America!!!!!
Scott LoBaido