The Talent Loop is changing the way people work and the way companies hire!

I am Karla Degginger, the Founder of The Talent Loop.  I spent more than 20 years in staffing and recruiting, fighting a frustrating hiring process where people were treated like pieces of paper and companies rarely found the best talent to fill their positions.  I decided it was time to create a new process.

A process focused on core values, where we connect individuals with companies that share the same values and build relationships for long term success, not to just fill a job.

The Talent Loop was launched in 2020 during the turmoil of company shut downs, layoffs and stay at home orders.  The world of work changed overnight!  All of our plans were put on hold.  We had to shift everything in our company...our message, our products and service.

It has been a struggle but we believe The Talent Loop was built for this time and our mission to change the way people work and the way companies hire is more important now than ever!

We help individuals determine what fulfilling work is for them based on their Core Values.  This starts with our Talent Community Membership and online course called Your Dream Job Strategy.  We help organizations incorporate their Core Values into the hiring process through our How to Hire to Core Values course and coaching program.

Once core values have been defined by both individuals and organizations, we connect them based on their shared values.  This all takes place within our Talent Community.

In an effort to expand our community and serve more people, we have developed a Membership Scholarship for our Basic Individual Member Plan.

We have set a goal to provide scholarships for at least 1,000 Members and we are asking for your help to do this.  Our basic annual Individual Membership is $97.

There are several way for you to help.

  1. We would love to have you join our Community and develop Your Dream Job Strategy.  You can learn more by clicking here.
  2. Donate to this campaign to build our scholarship fund and support our platform for continued growth.  (Note: If you would like to give a Membership Scholarship to a specific individual, contact us at to receive instructions on how to do this.)
  3. You can do both to help yourself and others!

By giving to our Scholarship Fund, you will help us expand our platform and serve more people and businesses.

You will be a part of transforming the hiring process and transforming the way we work.

You will help us make Dream Jobs Possible!