We need to hire lawyers to challenge the election commission to provide us with the cast vote records among other things and preserve certain data for the 2020 election before it is destroyed. Time is of the essence. This case will set a precedent for the nation. We need to prevail to ensure transparency in our election process. Thanks in advance for your help. We are fighting a tough battle. Legal fees are mounting as this is a complex case against 8 counties and the SC Election Commission. Our fees are creeping up and we totally appreciate your support. We are blessed with great lawyers and we believe we will prevail. Estimate of total fees will likely be $35K to $50K.

“Your contribution will be used for this case. A contribution to my SCSE lawsuit to help fund this lawsuit does not create a lawyer-client relationship. There are no guarantees in any litigation, and those who contribute will not have any vested interest in the outcomes, however we will use our best efforts to preserve the rights and seek the relief requested by the Plaintiffs through legal means. Any donations are not refundable or deductible.