Air Force Veteran Family Fund

Mark Stemann is a retired 20 year USAF veteran from Cincinnati, Ohio. He has been married to Terri Lynn Stemann for 26 years. 

Mark and Terri Lynn have 7 beautiful children from their union.

Funds are appreciated to help reunite this beautiful family.

The Stemann Family Fund helps to assist Mark and Terri Lynn as they fight to rescue their children and preserve their family.

You can watch interviews with the Stemanns as they begin to share their story publicly, and, continue the fight to save their family, at the following link:

~United States Air Force Veteran has Children Kidnapped Under Color of Law in Louisville, Kentucky~
Friends and supporters can aid by contributing to, and sharing, this Stemann Family Fund campaign.

Any amount of contribution is greatly appreciated.

*Donations to the Stemann Family Fund will be received by a friend of the family and dispersed under the direction of Mark and Terri Lynn. In this way, transparency of donation dispersement can be achieved, and will be properly recorded.

Mark and Terri can be contacted at:

Thank you for your help and kindness ❤️

The Stemann Family