Independent media needs YOUR HELP to survive.

I have been running the political blog Toronto 99 for over 2 years. In that time, I have produced a large number of commentary videos, news articles, opinion pieces, memes, and original reports.

Previously, I relied on advertising to generate revenue. However, attacks from the Left combined with increasing costs have made it harder to run the blog. 2022 was a hard year, and 2023 will likely be even harder for independent media providers like myself.

I am looking to raise money to cover costs associated with running the business so that I can continue to run the blog full-time.

Money donated will be used as follows:

Business expenses 

  • Hosting
  • Studio equipment (lighting, microphone)
  • Software (video, photo editing)
  • Wardrobe
  • Travel

Living expenses 

*Covering these expenses allows me to focus on the blog full-time, and provides compensation for my time and effort

  • Rent
  • Miscellaneous personal expenses as I deem appropriate

All donations will go directly to Mark Slapinski