Please support our election lawsuit vs. the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.   John Paul Moran, 2020 Republican nominee for Congress in MA, lead a team of five candidates for office in a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the new July 2020 election law which allowed unlimited no-excuse mail-in voting, drop box voting, and early voting – all clear violations of state law that led to mass fraud and destroyed election integrity in the state.


John Paul spoke outside of the John Adams Courthouse on Thursday, March 3rd immediately following oral arguments in Appeals Court in front of three judges who will be ruling on our case.  Win or lose, we expect to be heading to the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court to fight for fair, free and secure elections, and to defend our state’s Constitution. 

PLEASE HELP BY DONATING TO OUR LAWSUIT ELECTION FUND VIA GRAND OPPORTUNITY USA, a 501(c)4 nonprofit founded by our lawsuit’s lead plaintiff, John Paul Moran.   We need to raise funds to pay for our attorney’s fees and to support our efforts to defend and promote election integrity nationally. 

Because of the dynamics of our “blue state” status and our divided state party, we are not receiving ANY financial or legal help from the RNC or the Mass GOP, despite the fact that our lawsuit is the ONLY chance we have and maintaining election integrity and stopping voter fraud at this year’s election and into the future.  We URGENTLY need your help with any donation amount.


The goal of our lawsuit is to defend and protect the integrity of our elections in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and is dedicated to supporting our Constitutional right to free and fair elections.  Our goal is to protect the lawful votes of legal Massachusetts citizens, ensure election integrity, require proof of voter identity, and pursue legal action to ensure that only legally qualified voters are permitted to vote in our state and federal elections. 


In July 2020, a state law was passed through unconventional channels and signed by Governor Baker that allowed no excuse mail-in voting, early voting and drop-box voting in Massachusetts in violation of an explicit state constitutional provision that strictly limits the conditions where a voter can vote by mail, and the times when voting may take place in the Commonwealth other than at the polls on Election Day. The suit asserts that the Massachusetts Legislature and Secretary of the Commonwealth William Galvin used the COVID-19 health crisis to change State voting laws in direct violation of the Massachusetts Constitution.


In addition to the unconstitutional violations, the plaintiffs’ action shines a spotlight on the integrity of the system, its security failures with respect to universal mail-in voting in the Commonwealth, among other things.   They claim that elected officials illegally used the pandemic as an excuse to overstep their authority by expanding absentee voting to anyone for any reason, allowing for the mailing of millions of ballot applications to an outdated list of voters, including many voters who were either not properly registered, have since moved out of state, or have passed away – opening the door for fraud and destroying the integrity of the process.


All of the candidates in the suit believe that elections in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and throughout the United States must be held with the highest level of integrity and transparency, and that free and fair elections are critical to the survival of our democracy.