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Campaign Created by: Vallerie Gonzalez

Goal: USD $15,000
Raised: USD $ 6,225
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The Story:

In June 2020, Officer Gonzalez was placed on administrative leave after Council Women Jenny McAdams claimed he was a White Supremacist, Anti-Government Militant and Anti-LGBTQ because of her personal disdain of Punisher, Trump Decals, CA 3% Decal ,Thin Blue Line Flags on his personal vehicle. Officer Gonzalez endured a lengthy administrative leave. After the investigation it was ultimately found Officer Gonzalez did not violate any policy or laws and was cleared; Yet Jenny McAdams continued to harass and discriminate against him for his personal political and constitutional beliefs. People who don’t align with Officer Gonzalez’s political views posted pictures of his vehicle, his license plate, his name and pictures of him all over the internet in a campaign to malign and shun him.

In November 2020 Officer Gonzalez was placed on administrative leave, this time for his personal and political beliefs posted on his personal Parler social-media account. In the posts, Officer Gonzalez expressed his political views against the Black Lives Matter Organization due to their calls for Defunding Police. The content of the posts is fully within the boundaries of law and in no way expresses threatening or hateful thoughts - yet Chief Madalone presumptuously assumed his posts were threats and biased, then held a press conference expressing her personal views without a completed investigation, further maligning officer Gonzalez.

How is it that Pacific Grove Police Department claims that it protects freedom of expression and exchange of ideas of all races but yet discriminates against Officer Gonzalez for having different views. The expression of controversial ideas and differing Political views is a vital part of America. Although the expression of an idea or point of view may be offensive or inflammatory to others, it may not constitute a hate crime or a bias-related incident. Chief Madalone, Councilwoman McAdams and her followers attacked Officer Gonzalez for his political beliefs and Constitutional Rights. 

Officer Gonzalez has unfortunately been UNLAWFULLY TERMINATED from the Pacific Grove Police Department for his political views and affiliations. Officer Gonzalez's livelihood has been ripped from him, his income, his healthcare and his ability to care for his family.

Reasons for Fundraising:

The funds raised by everyone will be used for various needs such as a possible costly and lengthy lawsuit against the Pacific Grove Police Department and City of Pacific Grove, transportation and living expenses. The funds will also be used to support our family through this ordeal. I will be personally managing the fundraiser for Officer Gonzalez with his approval, and funds will go to a bank account owned by Officer Gonzalez that will cover the mentioned expenses.

Attorney Phil Downs is being consulted to handle all possible lawsuits from this case. Phil is a former Officer in the United States Marine Corps and combat veteran of Iraq. Phil is an active member of the California State Bar and is admitted to practice before the United States District Court, Northern District of California, and the United States District Court, Eastern District of California, as well as the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

Thank you to everyone for the continued support, 


Help Gonzalez defeat Randy Fairgarden
May 17, 2021
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Randy Fairgarden of Pacific Grove and the founder of have been allowed to slander and vigriously cause defamation against Gonzalez. The PgCityWatch.Com have sent letters to Police Departments slandering and lying that Gonzalez is part of a anti-goverment group that was at the capital on January 6th. Randy Fairgarden has constatly lied about the termination and continues to push that Gonzalez is part of a militia organization yet an internal investigation was completed to prove otherwise. 

The slander and defamation lawsuit againt Randy Fairgarden and the are coming soon!!!!!!

Newest Article in Carmel Pine Cone
May 17, 2021
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Check out Officer Gonzalez's recent article in the Carmel Pine Cone. 


Officer Gonzalez will continue this unlawful termination. 

Update on Officer Gonzalez
March 18, 2021
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This violation and attack on Officer Gonzalez has been life changing for him and his family. He struggles to find employment and proper healthcare for his children. Officer Gonzalez is still in the fight and will remain fighting for his Constitutional Rights and this unlawful Termination from the   Pacific Grove Police Department. Just know he appreciates    all the support and donations to help him through this. 


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