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Goal: USD $250,000
Raised: USD $ 84,736

Staff Sergeant Joseph Biggs is one of the many political prisoners being unlawfully detained over alleged charges pertaining to January 6th. He is a hero that has been kept in solitary confinement for over TWO years.  He is a combat veteran who served several tours in Iraq and Afghanistan for the United States Army and was twice awarded a Purple Heart. After returning home from overseas he developed post combat PTSD and has been stripped of his Veteran benefits and pension for crimes he has not been convicted of over January 6th. Joe has a 6 year old daughter who he adores more than life itself. At the time of his arrest he had full custody of his little girl. He always dreamt of being a father and has now been gone over 2 years without being able to hug her or even see her.  His daughter needs her father, Joe is her hero as well. He needs our help. He is in desperate need of any contributions towards his legal defense fund, and his everyday financial obligations that his mother has now been burdened with. Please help this true Patriot who currently sits on trial in the largest case involving January 6th and has no way to help himself. He was willing to sacrifice his life for all of us, it's time we come together and help him have a chance at the freedom he so desperately has always believed in, and has been robbed of.

Thank you in advance. Any donation helps. God Bless! 


Update #8
November 6, 2023
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November 6, 2023

Joe is still awaiting his transfer to his final BOP destination. 

He was Box Cuffed during his transfer to USP Atlanta. These cuffs are not to be used for long periods of time and he had them on for 16 hours causing him to pray to God and ask to "Please God make the pain stop". His circulation was cut off from wearing these cuffs and his arms, shoulders and back are still in extreme pain. 

When he arrived, with 15 other prisoners into Atlanta, they were told there was no room for them and they would be sleeping in a room with no beds, mattresses, pillows or even blankets. All of them sleeping on a concrete floor and in a 2 day period were given one slice of pizza to eat.

Joe has been unable to receive any commissary and says “I am getting used to being hungry.” He is still awaiting any kind of time period of when he will move to the Talladega facility. Until he is moved he will continue to be treated this way due to them labeling him a “Domestic Terrorist”.

When will this all end? Who is willing to stand up? Are we willing to stand by and let these true American Patriots be denied their Constitutional and God given rights? 

The time is now America! Will you wait until you are in box cuffs and sleeping on a concrete floor to wonder who will help me? 

Update #6
September 10, 2023
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Click here to see Joe Biggs' interview with Alex Jones.

Update #5
September 2, 2023
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Joe Biggs was sentenced to 17 years in prison this week. His little girl was robbed of her childhood with her father. 

Because Joe shook a fence and engaged in online venting sessions with his friends about the state of his country- he was sentenced to 17 years in prison with a terrorism enhancement. Joe was stripped of his two purple hearts and his military benefits. His family needs you now more than ever.

Update #4
June 21, 2023
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Joe and the boys have been moved from Alexandria to Lewisburg, PA. The conditions for them have improved while they await sentencing.

The DOJ asked for 20+ years for most of the Oathkeepers, we can expect a similar request from the DOJ with a twist: There is even LESS evidence to support the idea that anything Joe Biggs did on January 6th amounts to ANYTHING more than trespassing on his own capitol's grounds. The best evidence the DOJ offered to a hostile jury, was a collection of hyperbolic commentary, unrelated telegram chats, and videos of other individuals - NOT, Joe Biggs - doing some silly things on January 6th, and blaming Joe for standing anywhere in the same vicinity as those people BEFORE they got closer to their capitol, and made their own decisions without ANY instruction from any of the 5 Proud Boys accused of Sedition.

The jury was composed of majority BLM activists, and roughly 14/16 jurors openly expressed hostility towards the Proud Boys before being selected to serve on the Jury.

For this, the DOJ wants to steal the childhood of Joe's little girl away from her, and remove Joe's freedom for the foreseeable future, even though the jury admitted to convicting based on what they fantasize might be in deleted texts, rather than on the evidence actually presented. 

Joe's freedom in this case, goes far beyond himself. The government has decided that the 12th amendment has more precedent that your right to protest. If we do not rally behind Joe now, our rights are gone as well. 

Update #3
June 1, 2023
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Joe still sits in an Alexandria jail, awaiting to hear his fate from a Justice System that hates him. A veteran with a kind heart, and edgy sense of humor- Joe Biggs is father to a little girl who has now MISSED two Christmas's, and two birthdays with his baby girl. 

Life will move on for the rest of the world from January 6th, but for Joe, these wounds will never go away. Help him put food back on the table for his little one, and to protect his family from the hardship this overblown mess has caused the Biggs family. 

Update #2
May 15, 2023
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We are still $7300 short of our goal for this month to support Joe's little girl and appeal efforts. His little girl is in the care of her grandmother, a cancer survivor, who needs to pay for the clothing, shelter, and extra resources it takes to raise his little girl. 

Joe's road to appeals and freedom will be lengthy and difficult, but his freedoms are our freedoms. And so long as Joe's life hangs in the balance, so do ours. 

Please help an American in need. 

Update 5/3/23
May 3, 2023
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Joe's future hangs in the balance as the Jury continues their deliberation in this trial. 

Appeals processes can be lengthy, Joe's little girl has missed two birthdays with her father. 

It's high time we bring him home. 


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