Hello! I'm Constitutional Attorney Katherine Henry, and I'm fed up. I'm fed up with having to fight every single day to defend my rights so I can simply live my life. I'm fed up with our government officials constantly violating the Constitution and the public largely accepting such tyranny. I'm fed up with government infringing upon our God-given liberties, and being told that we must seek permission from the government to do ANYTHING. I'm fed up with government officials far exceeding their constitutional authority, while denying that government derives all of its authority from We The People. I'm fed up with government officials getting away with this lawlessness - rarely being held personally accountable for violating their oath of office. Are you fed up too? Then join me. Support my efforts to Restore Freedom and end the tyranny!

Currently, the City of Ormond Beach FL has instituted illegal proceedings against us, and is trying to literally come onto our homestead to destroy and remove portions of our property! Help us save our property and our liberty! It's costing us thousands of dollars in transcript fees & court filing fees, but as I've been working pro bono in this Freedom fight for the last several years, we don't have the funds to cover the expenses that will be incurred. Help us pave the way for the average American to be able to defend their own liberty and hold their government officials accountable!

Ormond Beach is seeking to remove our privacy fence, pavers, and 2 conexes from our homestead. These have all withstood the 2 devastating hurricanes our area sustained in 2022, and do not impair the property rights of any neighbors. Our pavers, backyard fence and 2 backyard conexes supply flood mitigation, wind mitigation, water conservation, and private property protection measures, which are all common sense and legally protected. Further, OB is cherry-picking which parts of the Land Development Code (LDC) to enforce, and which properties to enforce it upon. Indeed, I submitted 810 permit, paver/parking area, shipping container/structure, and fence LDC violations from within just a quarter mile radius of our property, a clear violation of Equal Protection! As of 2024, we're still in the expensive Appeals process, and need all the financial help we can get!

I have been fighting against injustice and government overreach for years, but have completely devoted all my efforts to this fight since March 2020. To see more about the work I’ve done in this area, check out RestoreFreedomKH.com. To get more info on our case, and see the documents filed with the Special Magistrate or in the Appeals Court, go to https://restorefreedomkh.com/obcase/ or watch the full hearing at https://youtu.be/GgV2NGP_4qI

 - Katherine Henry is a Constitutional Attorney & founder of Restore Freedom. She's a homeschooling mom, business owner & proud American. A fierce advocate for truth & the Rule of Law for 20+ years, she defends our Constitutionally-protected, God-given liberties & our government Of The People, By The People & For The People. She's devoted to educating the public on the Constitution & the law, holding government officials accountable for violating their Constitutional Oaths of Office, and empowering everyday people to make a difference. She’s spoken on the Constitution at hundreds of events, hosts a website full of freedom fighting resources & educational videos, launched a weekly Constitution podcast & newsletter, and created a Constitution app for Apple & Android. From drafting a state constitutional amendment to arguing in the Michigan Supreme Court against Lockdown Orders, Katherine has been fighting to Restore our Freedom since day one. Her motto: More Freedom, Less Government! #RestoreFreedom #MoreFreedomLessGovernment