Hi, I'm Dr. Mel Bruchet.  I've been a general practice doctor in Canada for over 50 years.  I retired in 2019 at the age of 79, and since the beginning of the pandemic, I've been a vocal organizer for the freedom movement in North Vancouver, Canada.

On November 11th 2021, I went public with reports he gathered from staff at Women's hospital in Vancouver, Canada that over two 12 hour shifts on the weekend of September 18/19 2021, there was 13 stillbirths.  Despite the urgency of this whistleblower report, the Vancouver Coastal Health corporation, which controls the hospitals in Vancouver and the coastal regions of south west Canada has refused to release the official miscarriage statistics of pregnant patients in the area.  Shortly after my report, news came from other parts of Canada, that in Waterloo Ontario there were 86 stillbirths over 6 months.  The usual for that city was 1 stillbirth every 1-2 months.  In the report from Suzanne Coles, a former provincial prosecutor in Waterloo Ontario, she revealed that all 86 still births were in Covid Vaccinated mothers, an 800 % increase over the usual for that area.

This news went viral in Canada, and on December 8th, 6 officers and a mental health nurse came to my residence, and arrested me under the mental health act.  I was taken to hospital and committed as a psychiatric patient.  I was accused of having dementia and delusions because I spoke out about stillbirths caused by the COVID vaccine.  I spent 25 days imprisoned in the psychiatric ward.  I was forcibly medicated with drugs known to cause strokes in people over the age of 65.  3 days after being forced to take the medications Abilify and Loxapine, I suffered 2 TIA's (mini strokes).

Yet despite the harms, the psychiatrists continued on the medication, saying I was suffering from mania, narcissism and delusions about the vaccine.  Finally on January 2nd, while on a 2 hour supervised day pass to see my family and attend Sunday Mass at church I escaped the hospital and never went back.

With the help of my supporters, I have been able to avoid the medical director's warrant for my arrest.  Father Augustine of my Catholic church in North Vancouver has been interrogated and his church searched by police.  My supporters in the freedom community have been questioned, and received visits from the RCMP ( Canadian equivalent of the Feds ).

Your support will help with Legal aid to keep me free,

Thank you.