My name is John Melendez and I am praying, and offered to raise money, for a trucker and his family who are in a dire situation. Here is what the father, a family man and patriot, shared with me... 

"A year and a half ago I set out to become a business owner and take care of my family. I bought a truck and decided to go over the road. Things started out great but between the economy, the price of fuel, and recent family medical expenses, I've exhausted my planned rainy day account. The latest setback is a major repair that is STILL not fixed, and has kept me off the road for a month and counting.

I’ve hung in the fight for about as long as I can. My wife is working and I am doing pick up and fill in work whereever possible. I'm trying to keep the faith and trust God through this process but the light at the end of the tunnel seems pretty dim."

This fundraising was my idea. My hope is that we can raise money to cover the repairs and towing costs (the truck is now at a third mechanic), and expenses through Christmas so he can get the truck back, start hauling and make money again in 2023. A "hand up", not a handout. Even if you can't give, please pray in Jesus' name, amen.

Thank you, 

John Melendez

Please note: I have listed myself as recipient as the family asked for discretion. When this campaign is over, I anticipate before Christmas, I will do a facebook live or video with two independent witnesses who will verify I transferred the funds to the family. Right now I have two people in mind (T.A.R. and Patti C.) Please text me at 813.842.7959 if you have questions.