Savannah and Stella recently had their lives uprooted. Due to the selfish and unspeakable behavior (allegedly) perpetrated by one man, they have had to relocate to Texas and start over. Aside from the (alleged) criminal behavior he was engaged in, D****N also was not paying any of their bills (rent, utilities, phone, etc). The day that Savannah left, Ashley furniture showed up to take what little they did have at the time. He was (allegedly) spending HER hard earned money on everything except the things that he assured her and her child were handled. 

Savannah and Stella are currently staying with family, while Savannah seeks new employment in a new city. (She had two interviews today. Fingers crossed). Unfortunately, the two of them relocated with little more than the clothing on their backs. Those who know Savannah will tell you that she would give you the last dollar that she had if it would make you feel better. Anything to help this single mother and child would be appreciated beyond words.