Hi! My name is Sarah Childs. I just got done with a Discipleship Training School with the organization called YWAM or Youth With A Mission. This was a 5 month school, teaching you how to have a more personal relationship with God. The first 3 months are in Montana at the YWAM base. It consists of different lectures every week, with different speakers and different topics. The other 2 months are overseas. For my outreach I went Taiwan. While on outreach you kind of apply everything you just learned in the first 3 months and share the love of Jesus to people in that country. Through this school, God really changed my life. While at this school, I felt like God was calling me to teach. What to teach, I am not sure.. So I am starting with doing another schooling at the YWAM base in Montana called TESOL. It stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. It's a course that teaches you how to teach English. I feel like this is a good start to what God is calling me to do.
​Of course, with schooling it's not free, but these are the moments to really trust in God and know that He will provide. The school is $3000 dollars, but I have a good start on where I need to be. I am still needing $1500 to finish paying for the school. If you could prayerfully consider supporting and donating, it would be so awesome! I think this school is a great opportunity to start what God is calling me to do.