My name is Sarah Braasch, and I am the Yale grad student who had to flee Yale's campus for my life while being taunted by a mob after the Living or Napping While Black Hate Crime Hoax at Yale. I was vilified on a global scale by Yale, the Fake News Press, and the Black Trauma Moral Outrage Industry, as a secret Nazi who was trying to lynch Black students at Yale via the Yale Campus Police. I am a lifelong human/civil rights attorney who was ousted from Yale for daring to be an unWoke civil libertarian who stands up for the Federal Civil Rights of Evangelical Black men at Yale.

My wonderful attorneys at Randazza Legal Group are fighting in the courts right now to restore Due Process and Equal Protection at Yale.  Please support me, as I fight not only to save my life and career, but to end Cancel Culture and Trial by Twitter, which are destroying us.