Today Sam Melia was found guilty of speech crimes in Leeds Crown Court. Sam produced over 300 stickers bearing a number of slogans, during the opening stages of the trial the prosecution admitted that the language used on the stickers was in fact lawful. During the trial the jury was told that it did not matter whether the content of the stickers was true, as the truth is no defence in such a case. This has to be one of the greatest miscarriages of justice we have ever witnessed, a body of work which was deemed 'lawful' and the content of which was all true, has resulted in a man being found guilty on the basis of his perceived motivations. 

Sam is a husband to a Laura, a father to Catherine and has another baby on the way in just 12 weeks. Sam is a hard working man with a big heart who has always gone out his way to help others and support those around him who were in need of help. Now Sam needs your help.

Sam will be sentenced on March 1st and it is likely he will face a custodial sentence measured in years. Before that happens, it would be great to raise a small sum in order for Sam to take his family away for a week to allow them to have a break from what has been, and continues to be, a nightmare that has lasted yeas.

Throughout all of this, Sam and Laura have remained strong and upbeat, and amazingly, both of them are still smiling and remain committed to the struggle. Please consider giving a small amount to help them in their time of need.