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Goal: USD $20,000
Raised: USD $ 2,220

Since 2018, I have been integratively treating chronic health conditions in addition to a rare form of thyroid cancer called hurthle cell carcinoma.  Traditional methods do not work well on this type of cancer.  I have been blessed to be able to manage this condition (without spread) with a great team of doctors.

I currently have a situation that is not operable due to size and location in the neck and need to get a targeted form of injected immunotherapy along with cryoablation.  This is a cutting edge treatment provided by Dr. Jason Williams who is a pioneer in this procedure.

I have a very good prognosis with this treatment but it's expensive and I need to travel to Mexico City twice in order to complete this program.  I leave on February 7th to start injections in Mexico City for part one of my treatment.

It's super hard for me to ask for any help from others for myself.  If you would love to contribute and/or follow my journey, I would be most grateful.  I am determined to beat this and live a normal and long life with my beautiful family.

Much love,


PS - I'm much looking forward to being scarf-free this summer.


February 16
February 16, 2022
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I am so humbled and grateful for everyone who sent me prayers and donated towards treatment.  I had a slight setback due to getting COVID and then an issue with my passport renewal.  But hopefully, I will be able to leave this weekend and start treatment next week.

The doctor will inject immunotherapy agents into the tumor inside my neck and it is supposed to make it smaller.  Once it\'s reduced by 50% they can then work on the cryoablation part which is freezing it.  It\'s so close to my skin they don\'t want to damage my skin further so I have an open wound.

I am in awe of everyone who has reached out and supported me.  It made me cry the other day that I felt so loved by all of you.  It\'s hard to take the other seat sometimes when you are used to helping others.

I will start posting regular updates as I leave for Mexico both here and on Facebook.

Much Love to you all!


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