Let your light shine before others, that they may see…Matthew 5:14-16 

Donate to activate our Truth and Light Traveling Town Halls 

**Special Donation Match - $1,000 match has been offered if we can raise $1,000!! **

The Right to Life Action Coalition is an uncompromising voice to champion the Right to Life movement in Ohio.  We are an authentic grassroots coalition dedicated to pro-life protection without exception! 

Our member organizations are from Ohio’s metropolitan areas, counties, villages and rural communities.

The lies perpetrated by the supporters of abortion must be clarified.  People must be "red pilled"!

Your donation to activate our Truth and Light Traveling Town Halls will bring the reality of the killing of all preborn children to Ohioans. We need to raise funds to help cover travel, marketing, materials and venue spaces to help educate Ohioans all around the state.  We plan to reach all 88 counties in our beautiful state with the message of how abortion murders innocent children and wounds parents.  

YOU can help us to change souls and change our culture into one that fosters love for families and promotes life! Your donation will benefit the Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio Education Fund, which is a 501(c)(3) and is tax deductible.  May God bless you!  

Thank you in advance for promoting this critical campaign!