Help concert pianist Sam Rotman give away more Bible books for free at his concerts, to spread the Word of God and plant seeds of truth about Jesus Christ.

Sam Rotman was born and raised in a devout Eastern European Jewish home. He came to believe in Jesus Christ as the Jew’s Messiah while he was a student at the Juilliard School of Music, after reading the Gospel of John for the first time.

Sam’s Christian testimony has been printed in a special edition of the Gospel of John. This little book makes a wonderful gift for Jewish friends, family, doctors, and neighbors, to share the good news about Jesus the Messiah. Sam gives away these books for free at his piano concerts for as long as his supply lasts.

Because printing these free books has, until now, been privately funded, the number of books Sam has available to give away has been quite limited. He has been careful to give them to people who will make good use of them and share them with Jewish acquaintances.

Your donation today will help fund the next printing of Bible books for Sam to give away at his concerts. The first 500 books can be printed as soon as we reach $850. If we hit the target goal of $1,800, we can get a better bulk discount on 1,500 books.

Every bit helps, so whether you give $10 or $1,000, we thank God for your generosity.

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