The world is in turmoil, and at CASSIA & MYRRH, where our Catholic music brings peace & beauty to many, we believe prayer can powerfully affect world events.

By giving today, you allow us to:

- create audio Rosaries over unique, sacred Latin prayer compositions

- in both LATIN & ENGLISH

- at top industry studio sound quality

- and share these with the world as far as possible!

Your generosity, in both prayer and financial contributions, is critical to this project's success! We need you.

We believe your prayers and support will help us to encourage greater devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary and see many miracles in the world as a result. Join us!

**As a thank you, all contributors, no matter the amount, will have first access to the Rosaries after completion and will be able to request complimentary downloads for a period of time after initial release. You will also join our "family" and be a part of those we cover in prayer and have periodic masses offered for.**


The Rosary, where we ask sincerely for Mary's intercession before Jesus, is known to have been a powerful spiritual weapon for centuries, with great victories attributed to its devoted recitation: the stopping of wars, the winning of battles, the ending of plagues and famines, and even the miraculous peaceful end to tyrannical governments.  With so many tragedies happening, we need Her powerful love and intercession to help lead us all back to Jesus Christ and His perfect peace and power.

This campaign is an opportunity to join the powerful fight with heaven against evil, by helping to bring about beautiful audio Rosaries, in both Latin and English and accompanied by original Latin prayer musical compositions.  We believe by helping us accomplish our goal and spreading our vision for these rosaries, many people will also be reached and touched with the message of the Rosary and be inspired to pray.

We want to be able to produce these Rosaries at the highest quality possible, and it is a massive project, and taken on as a labour of love for the Kingdom of God. Your help today is critical to its success; we will not be able to do it without you.

Please contribute today, and pass on this campaign to everyone you know!

You can download for FREE: Chs. I & II, Gregorian chant & classic hymns, at our website:  Also available on YouTube and most streaming sites! Ch. III on its way soon :)