It's Time to Save America, Join the Team

I am Rolando Rodriguez and I am not a Politician. I am the Founder of the first Trump Train in the Nation and of many others in Texas. These Trump Caravans started a movement in the Rio Grande Valley, an area that was Democrat for more than 100 years and which went on to be a National Movement. It all started in Prayer with a deep desire to reach and Wake up my Community.

Knowing that today, we are living in Tyranny like in Biblical Times. The Holy Spirit, in Prayer guided me to work and do God’s Will. We made History by turning South Texas RED.

I know that in Congress God will also use my life to go against Abortion and all kinds of Evil against our Nation. We are living in Biblical Times and the Politicians don’t have a clue about how to fix our Country. God has reserved these End Time Matters to His faithful servants. Keep me in your Prayers to continue blessing our District, our State and our Nation.  God Bless You and ...

God Bless America.

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• We can fight to make Texas Pro-Life
• Save children from being trafficked at the border
• Your donation will help us continue to awaken the Hispanic community along the Rio Grande
• By participating you can help keep our Freedoms and Liberty
• Participate and spread the word about my campaign

 Make America Great Again