In Memory of Rodger Gundersen

Campaign Created by: Melissa Gundersen

The funds from this campaign will be received by Melissa Gundersen.

Goal : USD $50,000
Raised : USD $ 14,716

Despite the best efforts of everyone involved with the team trying to save Rodger, we were not able to be seen by the Judge for our Emergency Injunction in time. 

Rodger passed away on Sunday night at 11pm just hours away from our Court appearance. There are questions regarding his care (outside the obvious Covid Protocol) that we suspect contributed to his death that is being investigated.

This fundraiser has now been converted into a fund to help Rodger's surviving wife and children who have no income or support currently. Thank you for everyone who offered us support and prayer thoroughout this effort.

We are working to help other families in similar situations and hope to be able to offer guidance and support so this doesnt happen to any other family.



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My husband Rodger is being denied lifesaving treatment by Peacehealth Hospital ICU Doctors. The treatment he has been prescribed already, has been studied and peer reviewed, and shown to have a 58% improvement rate.


He went to the ER with a fever, and was told he tested positive for Covid-19. He was brought to the ICU, put on oxygen, and told he had to be put on a ventilator right away if he wanted to survive. Rodger was terrified of being put on a ventilator, and told me adamantly, he did NOT want to be on one. He knew the odds were horrible of surviving once being on the ventilator. After speaking with his team, and finding out his chance of surviving the ventilator was under 15%, we asked if we could start him on a protocol that our family doctor had used with sucess in Covid-19 patients. They said they would not allow it while in their hospital.

We decided to take him home and try this protocol since the chances were much greater than the ventilator statistics. We implored the staff to let us leave quickly so we could have time to get our prescription from the doctor. After many different excuses (there is no oxygen you can take with you, or we don't have a protocol for someone to leave the ICU), It took 8 hours for the staff to finally let Rodger leave, and once we were home, we could not get the prescription we needed because the doctor's office had closed. There was no option to simply let him stay and get oxygen. Every 5 minutes, another nurse or doctor would come talk to us, and tell us point blank: "Rodger is going to have a heart attack any minute now", or "you will not last an hour without the ventilator", or "I guarantee you won't make it to the elevator without having a cardiac arrest".

Rodger was not allowed to rest, he was basically bullied the entire time he was there, told his only option was to go on a ventilator or he would die. Each time a nurse came to talk to him, I watched his monitor, and his heart rate and breathing went up significantly. He was terrified of the ventilator and did not want to be on one. I finally got him home and settled in, after now 9 hours of no treatment. He wore his oxygen mask and tried to get rest.

The next morning, Rodger's oxygen saturation dipped low into the 40's. I had just gotten his prescription for Ivermectin, among other things, and gave him his first dose. We waited for the medicine to kick in, but his oxygen levels were not improving. It became apparent that he needed more oxygen than he was getting so I called for an ambulance and he was brought back to the same hospital. Once there, o2 saturation level came up to around 75 but they still insisted he be put on a ventilator right away. I was not allowed to be with him, but I did get a phone call a few hours after he had been admitted. It was Rodger telling me he couldn't think straight and that they wanted to put him on the ventilator and he doesn't know what to do. He ended up agreeing because they had taken his mask off for him to have the phone call with me and his levels dropped significantly. Now that he is in a medically induced coma, and on drugs that paralize him, they are not agreeing to treat him with even basic vitamins, or even better, a protocol which includes vitamins, supplements and safe, FDA approved medications proven to effectively treat cases similar to Rodger's. I need help paying for an attorney who will assist me in gaining the hospital's cooperation in providing this medical treatment, which is actually prescribed by a doctor. If I can not get the hospital to budge, and give me the right to try a treatment plan with a much higher success rate than what their current plan has, I will need to transfer him to a facility that will allow it. I am currently going through lists of any nearby hospitals who do allow this protocol. 



September 10, 2021
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Peacehealth ceased communications with us after the airing of The War Room. They said they will no longer have any talks regarding Ivermectin. We are seeking an Emergency Injunction today. They called with an update saying they put Rodger on Antibiotics and that he may have pneumonia. They said his o2 was dropping and white blood cells are increased, they tried to get us to sign a DNR saying he probably wont make it.

We know the medication they are giving him is hurting him and what they are withholding is the only treatment that will help. They cancelled the meeting with Rodgers family practitioner who prescribed his medicine.

These peole are criminals.


  • We need a Helicopter or Jet that accommodate a portable ventilator to transport Rodger to a different Hospital that will allow real treatment. We've identified one near Reno, NV and one in Boise, ID
  • We need help getting a weekend hearing with a judge: Judge Greg Gonzales from Clark County Superior Court.
  • Any other ideas we have not thought of
  • Please reach out and support Joey Gibson from Patriot Prayer who has been helping us throughout this from the beginning. They are truly warriors fighting for god!