From Pete Santilli:

In 2016, while I was a political prisoner and faced four potential life sentences, I turned to the Lord. I sought His guidance and a sign that He heard me. With closed eyes, I opened the Holy Bible at a random page and landed on:

Matthew 16:18 "And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."

Since the age of 8, I've believed that everything in my life is directed by a voice from above which once said, "Learn and experience all you can. One day, you'll use this knowledge to serve Me."

I believe that day has arrived. Since 2011, I've been honing my skills as a broadcaster, building an audience, and striving to become a skilled investigative reporter.

Throughout this journey, our work has faced countless challenges. We've been canceled, persecuted, incarcerated, and even nearly lost our lives in the name of journalism. Yet, we remain undeterred. In these pivotal times, Deb and I are committed to intensifying our efforts against the forces that oppose us.

However, as I pen this appeal, our funds are running low. We might not have enough for next week's payroll. Financially, we're strained, but our faith remains resolute.

We ask for your support. This isn't just about survival but about launching a proactive mission. Our vision is to create a spiritual haven — a church without walls, where congregants seek guidance and strength.

Our mission entails:

Expanding our Christian Conservative media outlet to impart truth to tens of millions, underscoring the enduring presence and power of God.

Championing the Black Robe Regiment to invigorate our church leadership. We aim to inspire pastors across every American county to ardently defend our God-given rights.

Building a coalition of God-centered patriots in over 3,300 counties throughout the USA. These teams of devoted warriors will uphold the principles of the

Launching the Trump Network domestically to rejuvenate small businesses and entrepreneurship. The initial phase will introduce the QUX devices, a groundbreaking communications platform that ensures privacy and independence. (More at This network will facilitate secure communication, free from cancel culture, while also offering a unique TV experience. Through affiliations, we'll promote these devices and offer representatives a chance at a stable income. Users can save on traditional communication costs and even earn through referrals.

In recent times, our traditional pillars of trust seem to waver. Government overreach, media bias, and questionable actions from the military have been cause for concern. The situation calls for "We The People" to act as guardians of our cherished freedoms and values.

We are prepared to spearhead this effort. We envision an army of peaceful yet unyielding warriors who are prepared to defend our way of life, even if it requires the ultimate sacrifice. As the Romanians once defied their oppressors, we too are ready to stand our ground.

We humbly ask for your support. By contributing to our mission and spreading our message, you're taking an active stand. While the outcome of life is unpredictable, if we rally together, victory is within reach. God expects us to occupy until He returns.

Your Brother in Christ,

Pete Santilli