Mission to Defend Gospel in the Culture

Campaign Created by: Robert Lopez

Goal: USD $15,000
Raised: USD $ 6,830

This Campaign is currently disabled and can not receive new donations.

I work with two projects of urban evangelism and want to transform our culture with positive Christ-centered content touching the realms of drama, community education, arts, and political engagement. Due to my work in the areas of sexual and family ethics I lost my job at a Christian college, so I know that our mission field includes Christian institutions as well as the broader unbelieving culture. My first play premiere was in Dec 6, Lady and the Girl. I have more performance projects in the works. Through Urban Game Changers I also fight for conservative values in minority urban communities. I will use donations to support my family in lieu of the salary I lost when my work at seminary ended. I will also invest in sets, costumes, and other costs to bring our shows to the world.

The following sites show some of the work I have been doing so far:



The Kindness of Donors Has Amazed Us
January 1, 2020
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The website is taking shape -- bobbylopez.me -- and I gathering as much high-quality content as I can! I have the framework set up for six weekly programs and have the first episodes of each posted. Check it out! And think about continuing to support our work to defend the gospel in the culture!

The media project site is launched!
December 16, 2019
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It is my joy to launch the new media project -- go to www.bobbylopez.me to see how I am using the time I have found for myself with the generous donations from these donors!

Your donations are going to good use -- Media launch on Monday!
December 14, 2019
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I lift up my heart to the Lord in thanks for the donations that have come in. I know that people are asked for money from many angles, and I want to assure everyone that I am using any funds that I receive to maximum effect.

I became jobless because I found I could not defend the gospel while teaching at a nominally Christian institution. That's tough news. But there's good news. The experience of being jobless brought me closer to God in prayer than I have ever been. When I study His Word, I see that the gospel doesn't really belong in a dusty library or in the four walls of ancient institutions.

It should be everywhere! So I am working full time for as long as the funds can cover my time, on enhancing my work with the drama club, working further with Urban Game Changers, and launching this media project: www.bobbylopez.me . I will be generating as much content as possible to do God's work, as long as His Spirit sees fit to provide for me.

Thank you so much for your support. And please go to bobbylopez.me on Monday at 8pm for the launch of the full content!

God bless!


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