Please help and share this campaign. Our dear friend Richard (Dr. Richard Sacks, founder of the non-profit Lost Arts Research Institute, also Lost Arts Radio and Planetary Healing Club) is in a personal crisis situation and needs our help. He would probably choose to fade away quietly and disappear rather than ask for the help, and in fact that is what he has been doing. Richard is a private consultant and Essene teacher of health and consciousness, an independent health scientist since 1965, working to solve the riddles of degeneration and "aging," plus exploring ways to use consciousness itself, to reverse the agendas of planetary destruction.

Richard healed the last of his own health problems by about 1980 by natural means, without the medical system. For the next 40 years, he maintained an almost ageless condition with no health issues at all. Until September of 2020. That's when Richard was speaking about the scam of Covid and the vaccines. All vaccines.

It started with a sharp knife pain in the back, followed quickly by Parkinson's-like symptoms, total digestive shutdown, symptoms of cancer, complete inability to sleep, nervous system meltdown with loss of balance and coordination, neuropathy, muscle cramps, not being able to digest or assimilate food, all at once, plus unwanted weight loss of about 40 pounds.

Other targeted individuals and their friends have urged Richard to back off his work, stop doing the radio show, lay low for a couple of years, to stop exposing the global criminals and how to beat them. But after almost three years of every day pain and intense distress, he refuses to back off at all.  So this is our opportunity to show appreciation for Richard's work, helping him keep that work going, plus helping him pay for the natural treatments and supplies that his self-directed recovery program requires.

Please find it in your heart to give whatever you can to help him get his mission back on track, so he can complete his service to humanity. Any amount will be greatly appreciated as every dollar counts. Please consider sharing this campaign even if you don't have the ability to give right now. Please also send prayers to Richard while he navigates an intense and unexpected healing journey, to neutralize and recover from this life-threatening malicious attack. Our help is urgently needed. Please share this widely, right now. We are all Richard's family.