My name is Dr. Luis Reynoso. Since my first election in 2008, I have been fighting for the needs of public education against wokeism, sexualization of the school curriculum, and restrictions of Covid-19. I am a 15 year education board trustee. I have been elected five times, a first for a San Francisco Bay Area conservative. In 2020, I won both the college and local school board elections. People elect me because they like what I do as a trustee.

I ask the tough questions and champion for a transparent, fair, and just government. As a result, people trust and vote for me because they know I cannot be corrupted.

I have been fighting two major problems at the Chabot-Las Positas Community College District (CLPCCD). First, the CLPCCD Board goes along to get along with special interest groups rather than do the right thing. Second, the colleges have morphed from educational institutions to lifestyle institutions. As a result, college students have been taught that it is more important to support the woke and transgender lifestyle than to master critical thinking and career skills.

In September 2022, I reposted an apple meme on my private Linkedin account and replied to commenters. In response, the CLPCCD Board conducted a witch-hunt. It formed an ad-hoc committee whose investigation concluded that my conduct made anonymous individuals feel “disrespected, unsafe, unwelcome, hurt, and excluded” and that my conduct was “hateful and inappropriate”. During the Feb. 21, 2023, CLPCCD board meeting, I provided fact based evidence rebutting each allegation. The CLPCCD Board could not show hateful language in any of my replies. I denied all accusations in the ad-hoc committee report. 

The ad-hoc committee made up its own ad-hoc rules. No one submitted a written complaint, per CLPCCD guidelines. All individuals interviewed by the ad-hoc committee remain anonymous. Ultimately, the CLPCCD Board voted to censure me based on opinions, groupthink, and victimhood culture. The censure blacklists me from meaningful employment or opportunities.

Coincidentally, just days before the meeting, I was fired from my teaching job, despite stellar reviews. Special interest groups, a cancer in our education system, network with each other.

The CLPCCD Board censure sets a dangerous precedent for our country. I invite you to join me in fighting for and defending true conservative officials. We are being called to action to defend our country from the enemy within. I am standing up for you and the silenced majority. We are the few, the proud, and the brave.

Please send me a prayer and contribute $5 (or more) monthly to my legal defense fund. Thank You!

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