God has called Revolution to be a "marketplace church," which means everything we do is in the midst of where people are, including our gatherings.  We believe we are missionaries to our culture, which means we are sent to go into their world, not expect them to come into ours.

So what does that look like?  Right now, this means we gather at a Starbuck's in Harvard Square every Sunday morning to "be the church."  We have our service right in the middle of those studying, relaxing, or on their way to another destination.  

So what does "be the donkey" mean?  It comes from the donkey that Jesus rode into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.  The donkey's job was to lift Jesus up in such a way that all eyes would be on Jesus.  We strive to serve people as the tangible hands and feet of Jesus wherever we go so that all eyes will be on Jesus.  This gets played out in many different ways: at Starbuck's we know that barrista's love language is "tips" so we choose to tip very well so they are excited to see us, we tag people by showing them the love of Jesus in a practical and unexpected way, and we love people everywhere we go. 

Will you help us "be the donkey" to the community God has called us to serve?  One Sunday a month we are having "be the donkey" Sunday, where we do not gather in Starbucks, but we choose to go and serve the community around us in such a way that they will see Jesus.  This month, we are going to a laundromat to pay for people's laundry, giving roses out to ladies that are homeless, and picking up trash throughout our community while asking people if we can pray for them.

Your giving will help us to start out 2016 in the black, cover the costs to serve our community well, and allow us to be a big blessing to our barrista's.  #JoinTheRevolution on #GivingTuesday.

Thank you for being the donkey with us,
Revolution Harvard Square