America is in trouble. Our nation has fallen from the Biblical standards it was founded upon. Our nation, that once stood upon Godly principles, is now crumbling under the weight of sin and debauchery. Our borders are wide open allowing all manner of people into our country...unvetted, unverified, and unchecked. We are at a cross roads.....continue on the path we are on and cease to be a nation, or repent, turn from our wicked ways, and call out to God to heal our land. It's no coincidence there are 160+ nations bursting through our borders at this time. America, once a missionary sending nation, has become self-absorbed and self-centered. We left our calling and the great commission God gave us to go into all the world preaching the gospel, making disciples of all nations, and baptizing in the name of Jesus for the remission of sins. Make no mistake, there are no political solutions for a spiritual problem. America needs revival! America must turn its face back to God or it will suffer total devastation. 

Human trafficking has become so pervasive in our country we can no longer turn a blind eye or pretend it doesn't impact us. We can no longer afford to sit idly by and do nothing. There is a sea of broken humanity that's been brought over the border into our nation we must minister to. It's our responsibility, and it's also our privilege as Christ followers. There are generations of people who've never known the love and forgiveness of God and need us to be His arms, His voice, be willing to meet them right where they are and extend His message of love and forgiveness. We are following a command from God to take Him and His love to our border. To prepare an atmosphere where people can meet the 'Real Jesus'....not have a church experience, not be looked down upon by religion, but to have a true encounter with the only one who can bring change in our life.

Your partnership with Revival at the Border will enable us to gather at set times, prepare the atmosphere with prayer and worship, and bring biblical teaching (alongside hands on ministry) to meet people right where they are. Your partnership will help send us with needed equipment and supplies to host times of revival and bring in music guests, speakers, Christian films, and other needed tools. It will allow us to rent lights and porta toilets so we have necessary accommodations during these times. It will help feed volunteers who will help facilitate ministry as well as provide fuel for driving to the border areas targeted.

Our current initiative is for a Solar Eclipse Repentance Revival which will be held April 7-8th in Quemado, TX. The path of totality enters the US at Quemado, where it will be darkest the longest. It proceeds along a south to northeast trajectory through the US and into Canada, crossing over 8 cities named Nineveh, and 1 named Jonah. No coincidence there, as we are in a similar time of judgement as Nineveh was when the Lord sent Jonah to warn them...Repent and turn from your wickedness, or be destroyed in 40 days. The last total solar eclipse that crossed the US in 2017, passed over 7 cities with the name Salem. Again, no coincidence. These two paths make an "x" marks the spot right over the heartland of America. It's time to choose.....will we repent as a nation, turn from our wickedness and allow the Lord to heal our land, or will we remain a stiff-necked people and force God's hand of judgement for our sin and debauchery? The choice is ours. Our future literally hangs in the balance. 

We want to thank you in advance for helping us bring the good news of Jesus Christ and His healing love to those in desperate need. Where would each of us be if someone hadn't stepped out of their comfort zone to tell us about the love of Jesus? We're looking for partnership. Whether it's coming and being part of our team, interceding for us,  or giving of your finances to send us, everyone can do something. We can't do this alone. All gifts are needed and appreciated large and small.

Current information can be obtained here: Revival At The Border 

Thank you once again for prayerfully considering partnership with us, 

Pastors Rod and Suzanne Parker 

Hosted by Rod Parker Ministries