• Matthew 26:27 "And he took the cup, and gave thanks, and gave it to them, saying, Drink ye all of it" King James Bible
    • For Your Contribution of $30 or more **, select any one of my personalized Signature Gift Items. If the item(s) needs to be shipped, please add $5.00 (flat rate for USPS delivery within the continental US.) **For the large glass cutting board, it is for contributions of $40 or more.


    • This year (2022) marks the 30th anniversary of my rebirth, my renewal in both body and spirit. On the date of September 11, 1992, God stopped me from doing the unthinkable. On the night of September 11, 1992, I was awakened and became One with God. Please see "Caught in the Eye of the Hurricane." 
    • Shortly after this fateful night, I began writing my memoir "Moods Over a September Moon."  I had to relive my childhood, the break-up of my home, the pangs of hunger, the loneliness, the fear, but in doing so I began to find freedom, and forgiveness and I just knew that I must share my story.  
    • I have always believed in giving and helping those less fortunate or those having some difficulties as evidenced in my true-life story, "Deliverance."  

    Your Assistance 

        • Your contribution will enable me to continue writing and maintaining my website. My writing is oftentimes guided by the Holy Spirit and for this, I am most grateful.

          • It is my goal to publish my three manuscripts in book form and your contributions will enable me to succeed in accomplishing this goal. 
          • Your contributions will assist me in establishing and administering the H.E.L.P organization. I coined the acronym H.E.L.P. for "Homeless Empowered to Live Productively." It is my goal to see more homeless folks being productive in the community by performing various jobs, side jobs, and volunteer work. These will also elevate their self-esteem and self-worth. 
          • Your contributions will help with making the "Together We Can Move Mountains Tour and Pray for Peace 2022 Revival" a reality.