The Restored Branch of Jesus Christ are seeking your help to print a final definitive edition of The Chronicles of The Children of Araneck. We want this edition to be the best we have ever put out and therefore would like it to be printed in a way that establishes that. We are looking to have this last edition printed and bound in lovely green leather with silver gilt on the edge of the pages with the best scripture paper we can afford along with a lovely silver title on the front and spine of the scriptures. We also are very keen to get a ribbon marker as well to help you with your study. Now that we have told you what the outside of the book will look like we want to tell you a little about the inside of our book. As we have said the paper will be scripture quality paper and the new definitive version of the book will have a completely new layout that will allow the reader to easily follow the story and help with study. This edition will also be a Red Letter Edition, meaning that all the words spoken by our Lord will be in red so that it is easier to find and reference. We will also be including in this edition all of the pictures and artwork that we have had done along with a guide so that each picture will tell you where to find the scene in the book. We will also be adding a pronunciation guide for all those difficult names and a brand new study guide on topics and points of interest for you to easily access the material in your book and help your study of The Chronicles be as rewarding as possible.

Of course all of these lovely detail and extras costs money, but we are only a very small branch and don't have the necessary funds to get it done on our current budget, not in the way we would like to present it. So we are asking all our friends, followers and supporters who are interested in helping us get this last edition printed to do so by donating to our campaign. Everyone who donates who wants to be will be mentioned by name on a special page in the contents, helping you to become part of our story and also recognising you for helping us print this last definitive edition.

As we have said The Restored Branch of Jesus Christ will not be printing any further copies of The Chronicles of The Children of Araneck after this last definitive edition has been printed and bound, so this will be somewhat of a collectors item. We hope that you will help us to bring this great story of the ancient people of Great Britain to the world in a wonderful new format and give it a wonderful new life. Please feel free to donate as much or as little as you can. All donations are welcome and all will help us reach our target to get the very best job done and to bring you the very best scripture we can offer.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us and we will endeavour to answer any question relating to this fund raiser as we can.