These donations are for the legal defense of Audra Byrd, Semi Bird, and Kari Williams. These three Richland School Board members are under recall for standing up for ALL Our Children, Mask Choice, Family Voice, Our Basic Rights and Freedoms, and Student Mental Health.


On February 15, 2022 these three School Board members voted for Mask Choice in Richland Schools. Since then, people interested in promoting Inslee's Mask Mandates and other lock-down measures have been aggressively advocating for removing these people from supporting our kids and community.


Please help these brave individuals continue to stand up for all of us and what is right-to help save our communities from destructive government overreach!

NOTE: Cash contributions of less than $100 can be anonymous. Contributions up to $700 require us to report to the PDC your name, address, and occupation. We will NOT publicly announce your name, but please include this information if you submit a contribution over $100. 

Thank you for your support!