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Our community’s beloved family health practitioner, Scott Miller, P.A. is the subject of multiple unfounded complaints to the WA Medical Board. The expenses to defend his license to practice medicine and managing those who are denied access to care are mounting. He needs our help if  his medical license is to be reinsated at the November hearing. 

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Scott runs a pediatric practice where he takes care of our local families. He is known to readily find answers to difficult childhood health issues that other pediatricians are either stumped by or brush off as something that will pass. Scott is sought out by parents who have tried multiple physicians, therapists, and practitioners without success. In so many cases, Scott is able to find solutions for these children and their distraught parents. He is also well known for caring for foster and adopted children. The trauma and neglect so many of them have experienced results in a myriad of health challenges. Scott is great at thinking outside the box and has been able to give these parents answers and solutions when all others have failed. Many of his patients are on state health care, with low reimbursement rates and these are the cases that take the most time and effort to solve. He is generous with his time and will do whatever it takes to find solutions for his patients.
If that isn’t enough, Scott is working nearly all of his waking hours to support families who are dealing with COVID-19. We are told that there is no treatment, stay home, and hope you don’t get sick. They tell us if you have to go to the hospital with COVID, you might die and there’s very little they can do for you. Scott has worked to find answers and has been treating patients and community members for COVID. He is selfless in his efforts to help everyone who comes to him for help and as a result works day and night between his practice and people who need COVID treatment.
Scott is also very outspoken and often stands up at school board meetings and other public forums to speak out about retaining our medical freedoms, the perils of school policies on children, and the fact that there are effective treatments for COVID. Because of this, the medical board has received multiple anonymous complaints and have suspended his medial license. 
Our area families NEED Scott. He’s keeping people from dying of COVID. He speaks on our behalf. We must help him.
Read on for more about his selfless care of those fighting COVID:
He has spent the last 15 months fighting to help treat and save the lives of hundreds and hundreds of people locally and across the country. He has done this all while receiving letter after letter from the state medical board, investigating random, anonymous complaints that started as soon as he began treating patients. He knew what the consequences could be, as he watched a prominent pediatrician in Portland have his medical license removed without an investigation or ability to even defend himself. Colleagues and friends told him that he needed to lay low and stop treating families, but the phone kept ringing - many times families who are very sick, asking if Scott would be willing to help them. To this day, he has not turned away a single person who has asked If he would treat them, or a family member, knowing that each prescription is likely to result in another investigation; each phone call to a hospital to try and help a family intervene to save a loved one's life will result in untold numbers of complaints, and knowing that he was in this alone. That's where Scott is wrong. Not only is he not in this alone, he has the support of the families that he cares for every day, the gratitude and support of the almost 600 people he has treated, not just with medications, but with his time and energy, the limitless amount of time that he spends encouraging and reassuring families, husbands and wives who call him all hours of the night, concerned that their loved one might be dying, yet terrified to go into the hospital where they know they will be isolated from their loved ones, where all therapies will be immediately stopped. He will spend the rest of the night adjusting treatments, until their symptoms have stabilized. He drives to people's homes all hours of the night to manage new cases that reach out to him after hours, donating medications, vitamins and supplements for those that do not have access or cannot afford them.
It is impossible to truly describe what he has done and what he continues to do for these families, most of them he does not know, he has never met, yet fights for them as though they are a family member. I am told of how he intervened for a dear friend of one of his patients who was very sick, frightened, and in one of the most vulnerable positions, soon to give birth, and without hesitation, he reached out to her, and yes he did provide therapies, but it was the time that he spent talking with her, reassuring her, letting her know that she could reach out to him at any time of the day or night, and that he would do everything in his power to not let the hospital separate her from her baby. Five days later, she gave birth to a healthy baby and she sent Scott a picture of her holding her beautiful baby boy in her arms. For those of you he has treated, you understand why he fights.
Now, it is our time to let Scott know that he has our support and we will fight for him with the same passion that he fights for the health and well-being of all of his patients and all those that come to him desperate not to become another statistic. He needs us to fight to reinstate his medical license. In the end, if he loses this fight, we will all lose. Please donate what you can to his legal defense fund and to financial needs created by this suspension.


Update #1
October 26, 2021
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Hello friends, patients and supporters!

November 3rd is just around the corner! That's the date the medical board will review the case against Miller Pediatrics. We are praying for miracles and mercies so the clinic can get back to doing what it does best, HELPING PATIENTS HEAL!  More updates will be posted as we have information, regarding the best way to support Miller Pediatrics, for the hearing. Continue to spread the message of Medical Freedom, Freedom of Speech and most of all, treatments that HELP our natural immune system to operate at it's fullest capacity. 

Thank you and God bless! 
~Scott Miller Support Team

"Fear is contagious, but so is courage"


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