The Reel Film Foundation, Inc is an all volunteer 501(c)3 devoted to creating access for at-risk and other qualified youth, to creative, idea-based careers. Future changemakers, creators of community events, filmmakers, broadcasters, communications and related content creation aspirees, will receive free mentoring, college app help for Questbridge and Common App, Essay feedback and revision input, identification of college targets, and FAFSA assistance to formulate a set of goals and work a plan. 

The Reel Deal Film Festival, our largest project, offers in-school field trips at local public high schools, and seek to show young people that big dreams are not for someone else, but for them to entertain, too. We awarded our first two $500 scholarships to rising freshman in 2022, and would like to expand to 5 scholarships this year, as well as continue that $500 grant for all four years for the existing recipients undergraduate educations, providing they stay in the field. We encourage thoughtful, introspective content, designed to share ideas, including the faith based ones so frequently excluded from commercial content. We look for dialgoue seekers, to engage productively, respectfully and with a mind toward effective, not sensational content.