The innovative social matching app

Imagine finding your perfect job in seconds, getting in-depth answers to tough questions in seconds, finding the right staff for your church or organization with just the flick of a finger, or finding a reliable, last-minute babysitter nearby! The Reel8 app promises to be a modern church wall-transcending matching tool. It links your unique talents and gifts to the right recipient with one swipe.

Are you in to this?

This social matching app should have been there long ago! Think how many opportunities have been missed, just because you are not in certain circles and have missed important contacts. That's why we give you the opportunity to realize this brand new Christian social app with us. Take matters into your own hands now; with your contribution, you ensure that within six months you create unprecedented opportunities with like-minded people. For yourself, and for others!

Change lives positively

The Reel8 app allows you to immediately change your situation and that of others. Specific needs of users are visualized clearly. The algorithm only matches you with profiles that have a 60% to 90% match. This way you will always find the person who is looking for you at that moment. Because it is also linked to character traits, it can't be missed. You’re helping out the right person who immediately helps you out simultaneously. Before you know it, your project will grow into a successful business!

Safe and trustworthy

The true Word is cherished on this platform. Every opinion is respected, and messages and profiles are not deleted. Within the rules of the app, differing opinions can lead to exciting discussions. We will apply strong moderation to so-called trolling/misbehavior, which will allow even the youngest users to 'app' safely.

Professionally experienced

We are the One King Foundation, and we work with a network of experts from the media and development industry. We will realize a number of innovative products for the Christian community, which will support it to contribute to society efficiently and with a positive impact. Years of research and design improvements have been invested in the Reel8 app. We are now on the verge of actually developing the basic version of this product within six months.

Target amount

To be able to start initially, we need a target amount of €80,000. This allows us to deliver a first rudimentary phase MVP (minimum viable product) with testing capabilities. Ultimately, we will go for €200,000 to be able to release the entire MVP and attract investors for further development. The basic functionalities, such as profiles and the matching system, are operational here. Distribution key: 30% management and creation (concept, design), 70% development and servers.

What you can do

 1. Bless this project with your cheerful donation, you will inspire others with this!

 2. Share this campaign on your own network: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

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 4. Are you a Business Angel or Venture Capitalist? Then we would like to discuss the possibilities with you!

 5. Drop us a message if you would like to be selected for the first test group. You will be making history!!

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ANBI (applies to Dutch residents)

We have found a partner who shares our vision. They want to realize an ANBI-related project together with us under the name of the One King foundation, in which they will soon use this app. The aim of this project is to mobilize, train and give Christians the tools to participate effectively in society as volunteers.

So if you prefer to give ANBI related, you can place your donation at our partner foundation Transformate. Quoting 'Project One King', via this link: In this way, you participate in the development of the app and at the same time, you build a beautiful society.