Red America First Inc. Founded August 19th, 2021 - NonProfit 501 (C) (3) 
Red (Blood of Christ) America First (America First Policies and Candidates) principles are simple.   We are a grassroots organization that will connect with the “Unheard Americans” throughout our 50 states!  
We believe we are at a critical moment in History; People of Faith (Freedom Of Religion), People with a voice (Freedom of Speech) and People of Choice  (Freedom of Choice) are all under attack.  We want to Save America!!  We are creating OUR safe place to “HEAR the UNHEARD” and with our network of Politicians and Influencers; we will make sure the UNHEARD are HEARD!
Red America First hosts events both for Christians and Conservatives who wish to save America from the overreach tyranny we are all witnessing today!   We are aiming to have all 50 states covered in our network of Patriots to ensure every state is being discussed.  We log local and state issues on our forum; then the team will work with local christian leaders and/or local politicians to start a process of solving the issue that was reported from the team; another capability we have is to help promote Christian Faith Conservatitive candidates towards a victorious election.   We meet weekly to connect with Patriots and we would be blessed for your help; our mission is critical!   America was founded on Christian beliefs and we must bring faith back to our families and communities. 

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