Legal Support for Rady Childrens Hospital Nurses and HCW

Support Nurses and Health Care Workers with their legal fight against religious discrimination. This campaign directly subsidizes the legal cost and the funds raised go directly to Dan Watkins of Watkins and Letofsky, LLP. Rady Childrens Hospital San Diego has placed health care workers on mandatory unpaid and unprotected leave effectively firing them from their jobs and removing them from the profession they love.

Dear Citizens of San Diego,
Please understand that protecting and healing your children has always been our top priority… a duty we all take very seriously, the reason we decided to become nurses and health care workers. When COVID swept through the world, none of us hesitated to come to work and continue to care for our patients, regardless of the unknown potential dangerousness to our own health or the possibility of bringing the virus home to our loved ones. We continued to show up until Rady Children’s Hospital no longer allowed us to, deeming us an unacceptable to the organization.

The California COVID vaccine mandate allowed for both medical and religious exemptions to vaccination. It was on Saturday, September 25th that we were finally notified we would no longer have a job in four shorts days… October 1st we would no longer be welcome on campus. While this decision felt discriminatory it was also hurtful and devastating as many of us had been loyal dedicated employees, some of us with 10, 20, and 30+ years with the organization.

We want you to know, we aren’t “anti-vaxers”, we aren’t anti-science, and we surely are not trying to infect the children we cared for. We believe in religious and medical freedoms, personal autonomy, and informed consent. Every person's religious conviction and body is different. Not all have the same convictions nor will each body react the same way to illness or treatment, and for that reason we advocate for choice for all.

With Love and Care,
The Nurses and Health Care Workers of RCHSD