The Radio Ranch by Roger Sayles educates in legal history, the difference between the national status and 14th Amendment Citizenship and how to escape the matrix.  The programs are enjoyable, informative, educational and commercial free.  The programs are broadcast on and supporting information exists on

The program is also supported by myself and my network  GVN provides engineering staff and systems to connect up to 1,100 active program participants and up to millions of internet listeners.  GVN also manages, and hosts, the website. This is the only program of it's kind and the technology required to support the program as it is is substantial, 

Going forward there are things that are necessary to not only insure the continuation of the program but also the expansion of the show into other markets and expanded audiences.  Studio space, equipment, remote engineering management systems and travel expenses are needed in the near future as GVN opens a new headquarters in Oklahoma state.  Every effort has been made to insure this move and ongoing program support is accomplished in as prudent a manner as possible.

Your contribution, of any amount, is greatly appreciated.