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I'm a prophetic dreamer. On July 13th, 2019 I saw Covid, and the circumstances that accompanied it, in a dream. In my dream it was clear that an illness was CREATED and the purpose of its creation was to steal our freedom and implement governmental control, along with some other sinister plans.

So as the events of 2020 unfolded I was FURIOUS at what I saw happening around me. It seemed like each day another freedom was being stripped from us, and my dream was becoming a real-life nightmare! 

I was especially concerned about the attempt to silence us and keep us from gathering together. As an American Girl, born and raised I placed a high value on free speech and freedom of religion. 

Like you, I also saw that most of our media and entertainment was in lock-step with a globalist agenda. So, I began The Rachel Hamm Show. 

I use my show Ito bring people together who: 

A) love freedom 

B) want to know the truth

C) desire a place to connect with like-minded people

D) are seeking to connect to God

E) are looking to do their part to bring our country into it's best

F) are wanting to have healthy marriages, & children

Would you please consider partnering with me each month so I can bring you the kind of content that feeds your soul, encourages you, enlightens you, equips you, and gives you a place to belong?

The Rachel Hamm Show on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiWaEVouaC8RcV4mK3AaoBQ

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