Quantum AetherDynamics Institute has developed an improved system of physics, which bases upon common sense. The physics theories do not base upon probability functions or abstract mathematics, but are based upon solid dimensional analysis. The physics theories do not base upon unprovable postulates, but base upon scientifically established constants and data.

Mainstream academics promote a narrative of relativity, rather than a narrative of absolute existence. Mainstream academics promote narratives that remove any evidence of s Supreme Creator, and promote instead disconnected narratives of sterile nonsense such as wave-particle duality, force particles, mass-energy equivalence, time dilation, and other misleading concepts. 

When physics are understood properly, space is recognized as a discrete building block of physical creation. Further, the quantum structure of space and the fundamental forces of nature are properly quantified as the effect of an all powerful, all pervading, creative force which can only be described as a non-material (spiritual) Creator and maintainer of the entire physical Universe. In other words, when physics are properly understood, God stands as the solid foundation, and undisputed ruler, of the physical Universe.

Mainstream academics do not want the public to know that the physics of the Universe stand as an indisputable testament to the existence of a real God. The academics choose to not only ignore the absolute nature of physical existence, but those in leadership positions and who control the public funding, go out of their way to suppress the truth through intimidation, bullying, and downright tyranny.

The physical Universe is designed to exact specifications and precise laws of physics. The processes of life and biology are quantifiably linked and easily understood as coexistent with physical existence. Feelings are linked to the phenomenon of light. Space, physical matter, and biological organisms are seen as electric and magnetic driven machines that are also driven by feelings and photons. 

In our properly quantified world, prayer and meditation are valid tools for living, as people of faith already know from firsthand experience.

The physical Universe is well-designed, and the emergent molecules present in a diverse sea of fauna and flora work in harmony like a living jigsaw puzzle. With the correct system of physics, the structures and mechanics of all levels of physical existence are quantifiable and understandable. 

The research of the Quantum AetherDynamics Institute is based on the quantification of an absolute and discrete unit of space, which physicists and philosophers from ancient times understood at least in principle. The Aether unit is a quantum rotating magnetic field, which is easily discerned by analyzing the known physical constants. All of physics, in both the physical and non-material realms, involve the structure and mechanics of the Aether.

By developing scientific tools that work in the correct system of units, and by developing learning aids for people of all educational levels, Quantum AetherDynamics Institute aims to educate the world about the true nature of physical existence. It is a part of our mission to provide the physics for understanding many of the concepts and practices that underlie religious and spiritual traditions around the world, in addition to understanding the structure and mechanics of physical existence.