Do you want a book that offers the BEST ARGUMENTS for the existence of God? Do you want to know how to give the GREATEST ANSWERS to atheists and other skeptics?

If you have not seen it by now I recently wrote a book called The Ten Commandments Simplified and Explained

I am in the process of doing research on a new book that I am planning on writing in the near future proving the existence of God using the best arguments of both natural theology (philosophy) and science.

In regard to philosophy and theology I will be going over some of the MOST COMPELLING arguments from individuals like Saint Thomas Aquinas including his 5 ways, as well the many GREAT cosmological arguments from the existence of God such as the Kalam arguments, and many many more. I will also touch upon some of the MOST COMPELLING scientific proof which gives probable credence to the idea of God.

This book will definitely take time and effort and the consultation of many books, articles, including scholarly peer reviewed papers. The book will also host some illustrative images that will furthermore help illustrate some of these concepts.

For this reason I am asking, I am pleading for any donation as small as it may be to help in the development of this book. The funds will go toward conducting research, as well as helping in the overall marketing and production of this book.

If you donate $25 dollars or more I will also offer a free PDF of the finished book once it becomes a finished product.