When one gets extremely ill, it has been ingrained into each of us to believe that the most trusted place we can receive life-saving treatment is a hospital. However, the Covid experience has shown us all that this is not the case, and in fact, hospitals are one of the most dangerous places to go these days. Hospitals rely only on Covid protocols passed down from NIH and CDC which include deadly treatments like Remdesivir and ventilation. The hospitals also adamantly refuse the "right to try" medications as well as much safer, proven drugs that have almost no side effects.

Why would hospitals do this when they know patients will die from these actions?  Because the Covid payouts for this virus are immense. From the moment of the Covid test to the death certificate label "Covid Death", these hospitals stand to gain substantial amounts of profit. This has led to doctors determining who is expendable and who can live.  

We know why the American people are dying at an exceedingly higher rate than any other country.  Many are being told that Covid is killing them.  This is totally untrue, it is the drug Remdesivir coupled with other drugs with the final destination of patient ventilation.  Hospitals are paid enormous sums of money for a deceased Covid patient.  Hospitals have become killing fields and those that don't realize this are just "sitting ducks".

Our purpose is to educate and inform people of what is happening to patients in hospitals, about the drug Remdesivir, how to avoid the ER, patient rights, and most importantly, a place to share victims stories.  We are also seeking legal action with the aid of brave attorney's, doctors, and nurses willing to stand up and fight for the lives of American citizens. 

The lives of all God's children are valuable and each deserves the chance to recover from this man-made virus that was released upon the people. Please help us stop this murder for money in the hospitals and inform others so that lives can be saved by donating to Justice For Our Loved Ones. Your donation helps us to keep information flowing, seek legal action against the hospitals, and could possibly save someone you know and love. Thank you.