Right now satan controls most if not all entities at the top of our cultural spheres of influence via media, politics, education, etc... These entities are shamelessly  promoting propaganda to inspire fear and drive society into what the apostle John prophesied as a new world order. They will succeed for a short time, but will ultimately fail.
Our King will prevail- this I know. Until then we must stand and fight! Expose lies with truth.
T shirts are an excellent way of broadcasting a message and starting dialogue. 
My mission is to organize a movement that inspires people to stand up against tyranny BOLDLY. 
Please stand with me. For a donation of at least $30 I will send you whatever t-shirt you pick from https://www.propinc.store/. Please email info@propinc.store letting me know you donated and what t-shirt you want.
Be bold to inspire others, and more importantly be ready to share the hope you have of the coming king and his glorious love.